Jaquar Water Heaters - The Right Water Heater For Your Home


Jaquar group is a growing company which gives complete solutions for the bathroom fittings and for the Lighting materials. Jaquar group become India's most searched bath brand on Google by providing rare beauty products in bathroom and lighting equipment. Sixty years of experience Jaquar group touched the millions of hearts of the people.


By providing world class products of bathroom and lighting through its brands Artize, Jaquar and Essco, Jaquar gives premium and the luxury products. The Jaquar group is tied up with undisputed market leaders of sixty countries across Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the SAARC region, 7 state-of -the-art manufacturing units in India and 1 in South Korea.

Jaquar group is a customer friendly company, which provides an excellent customer service. The excellence in customer service and innovation in new products of Jaquar opens a place in eleven world showrooms in London, Milan, Singapore, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Addis Ababa, Southern, Riyadh, Kinshasa, Moscow and Tunisia.


Rediscovering the joys of water and light the brand Jaquar inspires people worldwide. The group's passion for technology never ends and it gives a fruitful ending by giving innovative ideas on lights and bathroom solutions. The continued usage of innovative ideas on products exceeds the expectation level of customers. The expectations in quality, delivery, and cost effectiveness grow high through continuous product innovation. This customer satisfied strategy makes a strong relationship with customer.


Jaquar is manufacturing 60,000 bath fittings every day. Jaquar delivers over 125,000 faucets per day,45 million pieces in a year. Jaquar producing 1 liter to 100-liter capacity of water heaters. And per year Jaquar group producing 4 lakhs water heaters. Water heaters are common in our busy life. Water heaters gives hot waters at the moment when we wish to bath in hot water. Jaquar water heater which gives you double safety. Jaquar water heaters Thermostat-dual overheating control mechanism cut off power automatically if there is any damage in the product. Jaquar’s water heaters built with whole range of safety, longevity and energy efficient features.