Pestan KG PVC Pipes And Fitting



Each and every clean street make a clean city and clean cities makes a clean country. Beauty of a country reflecting on their Cleanliness. But in real it's very difficult to clean every aspect without any fail. Authorities mainly facing the major difficulty in street sewerage system. Usage of poor quality products sewerage system becoming worst. Poor quality products may occur delay in draining system. It's the hardest thing to the workers to change the pipes all.


OPAR, one of  the largest leading and certified building materials and engineering products supplier in Middle East and Africa Region. It has a strong roots embedded in a firm ground and is totally committed to serve its customers and the community.


Here We are giving a good, standard products Pestan PVC pipes gives a solution for street sewerage system as well for removal of all kinds of waste water system in low building construction. This pipes are easy to install and gives an easy transporting and handling because of its very light materials. Made with a rubber ring which is connected to the fitting gives easiness of installation.

Focusing on street sewerage system this three layer compact pipes are manufactured by high quality polyvinyl chloride PVC-U in diameters from 110 to 630. This quality product of Pestan made in different lengths of 250mm,500mm,1000mm,2000mm,3000mm,4000mm I 6000mm.


Pestan also offering wide range of pipes and fitting made with all diameters and stiffness, injected and weed. Pestan PVC pipes mainly for sewerage system is resistant to salt water, alcohol, acids, alkalis, sulphate, aggressive gas and all kind of detergents. According to EN 1401 fitting class SN4 can be used with pipes SN8, because it is geometry gives them SN8 rigidity.


Pestan's PVC pipes are connected through sockets, the water resistance functions via sealing rings made of EPDM rubber, which is inserted into the socket. Depends on the rigidity or resistance of outer loading there are 3 versions for Pestans three layer or compact pipes are : 


Pipe series s-25 (SDR51)-SN 2 KN/m2

Pipe series s-20(SDR41)-SN 4 KN/m2

Pipe series s-16(SDR34)-SN 8 KN/m2