What Are Silent Pipes?



Pipes have an essential role while constructing a building or home etc. These pipes are controls the flow of water from one place to another. At the time of construction, we use PVC pipes that are not soundproof to make the pipes soundproof use Sound-Proof Pipes at the time of construction.



By using silent pipes you can have a quiet building without the sounds of the flow of water. We may sing a song under the shower if there are kids in the house they may wake up hearing the sound of the song since they are waking up hearing the song we stop singing but if we are not using Silent pipes there will be sounds of water flow. Silent pipes are a necessary part of a house so that the sounds of water flow will not be heard. In UAE the silent pipes are available at OPAR TRADERS. Piping systems for a building to make them soundproof are available. They are the suppliers of silent pipes in the UAE.


OPAR provides the silent pipes manufactured by Pestan which provides high-quality silent pipes and fittings. OPAR TRADERS are the authorized dealers of Pestan S-Line pipes in the UAE. All types of fittings that are required for silent pipes are available at OPAR TRADERS.


Features of Silent Pipes

The main feature of the silent pipes is that they reduce noise. The density of a silent pipe is about 9 g / cm3. They can handle heat about + 60 ° C.There are two types of noise that are transmitted through a pipe they are: Airbone noise & Structureborne noise. Both these Airbone noises & Structureborne noises can be reduced by using silent pipes. Because these silent pipes and fittings have special materials and it has three layers to reduce the noise. By various tests, it is proven that the silent pipe reduces the noise of flow of water, etc in the buildings.