Pestan - Confluo Smart Drains



Considering customers’ needs and desire, and a barrier free entrance for shower, Pestan designed Confluo clever drains which gives a smart draining system. The smartest functionality and rare design of our product satisfies all the expectations of the customer. The Confluo shower drain products are manufactured by Pestan company in Serbia.


Pestan group produce and distributes products and solutions from polymers. Pestan producing water pipes made of polyethylene. Pestan operates worldwide through a global network of agents and distributors. The constant improvement and modernization of technology and production Pestan is considered as a very recognizable and important company internationally.


Delivering large number of variety models is one of the advantage of Confluo. Our good quality products are there in market for long term by proving the value of Confluo products. Confluo products were mainly divided as 4 models: Confluo Premium models, Confluo Standard models, Confluo Top models and Confluo Gardino models.

This Confluo drains perfectly fits in your space because the products consist of central drains and shower drains of different sizes and grid models. Usage of Polypropylene in the Confluo drains, the products like Drainage channels, grids made of PP, steel grids, cast iron grates were used for the installations of surface water drainage.


The features of SAB Drain channels like excellent power both in mechanical and in thermal shock resistance and the immune to chemical and atmospheric agents, acids, salts and alkalis, oils and benzines. These features of SAB Drain channels take place because of these channels are made of PP (Polypropylene). The SAB Drain PP channels are available with PP, galvanized steel, stainless steel and cast iron grids, for all load classes and for all requirements. SAB Drain channels defining terminology, classification, design testing and marking requirements as well as assessment of the drainage and surface disposal channels compliance, because these channels are manufactured in accordance of EN 1433.

The SAB Drain channels surfaces are extremely smooth by the PP features. These channels help the flow of water and avoids the sedimentation of deposits, facilitating the cleaning by its low superficial roughness. All the valuable features of PP make SAB Drains an ideal system for roads and highways, car parks, service areas, bicycle and pedestrian bays, industrial yards, airports, and for more particular installations such as slaughterhouses or dump facilities.