All You Need To Know About UPVC Pipe In UAE


What exactly is UPVC pipe?


Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, or UPVC, is sometimes known as hard PVC. The word "unplasticized" refers to the fact that no additional plasticizing polymers are utilized in the production of UPVC, making it the strongest type of PVC. Although PVC pipes for agriculture and drainage are technically UPVC, in the UAE, UPVC pipes refer to the plumbing pipes frequently used for cold water transportation in residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. The color of these pipes is white.


Pipes made of UPVC have a number of advantages.

They're light and easy to handle.

It does not corrode and is resistant to the growth of scale.

Mechanical strength and long-term durability

Fire, chemical, and UV exposure resistance

Hundred percent recyclable

Low or no maintenance is required, making it a cost-effective option.

Suitable for temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius

Pipes made of UPVC have a variety of uses.

In residential installations, UPVC pipes are appropriate for cold water supply lines. Because they can tolerate tremendous pressure, they can be employed in high-rise structures.


Applications in Industry

Water supply lines in industries for low and medium-pressure applications are made of UPVC pipes. Water treatment plants UPVC pipes are utilized in drinking water applications in water treatment facilities. UPVC pipes are used in the chemical industry to transport chemicals and hot corrosive fluids such as inorganic acids and bases used in chemical processing.


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